Minnesota Doane Footnotes


(1) As of 15 Jul 1916 this doane has a replaced dial.

(2) All known examples after 03 Mar 1908 are dial only with no killer bars or dial with a replaced killer.

(3) All known examples have straight Ty 2 killer bars with no space for a number.

(4) Cancelling device is known from this office and only a few favor philatelic cancels are known. None of them have date slugs in them. All were done in recent years by the owner of the device..

(5) All known examples after 14 Nov 1906 have replaced killer bars.

(6) As of 29 Jun 1909 this doane has replaced killer bars.

(7) All known examples after 02 Aug 1904 have replaced killer bars.

(8) This is a Doane mimic.


Wisconsin Doane Footnotes


(1) 07 Aug 1908 is known to have a replaced dial. This is the new LKU. It is not known if the old LKU of 16 Jun 1908 also has a replaced dial.