Oregon Doane Footnotes

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(1)    All examples seen are Type 1.

(2)    Dial unusally broken at top and bent upward.

(3) Font in CDS switches to serif by 04 Aug 1909.

(4)    All examples seen are 3/2.

(5) Known with center part of doane (date and time) missing with a straight line
handstamp used instead.

(6)    All examples seen are 2/1.

(7)    September 1908 strikes show much wear and many breaks in the dial; the number is typically unreadable.

(8)    Dial in 1906 scalloped and killer bars wrinkled.

(9)    #2 hard to see, but fairly certain.

(10)    All strikes seen with readable numbers are clearly 2.

(11) All Doanes seen from this PO are clearly Type 3.

(12) The 1993 Doane book listed Viento as having a Ty 2/2.  All examples seen since then by either Chuck Whittlesey or myself are Ty 2/3.

(13) Strike is light and number is unreadable.

(14) The # is usually not well struck, but the few clear examples show a 4, not a 1.

(15) Type 2 device killer bars either modified so they look like a Type 3, or perhaps replaced from a Type 3 handstamp.  Worth listing as they are so strikingly different.

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