Arkansas Doane Footnotes


(1) LKU of 07 Oct 1911 has a replaced dial from a Type A 4-bar.

Delaware Doane Footnotes


(1) This is a Doane Mimic.

Florida Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a Non Standard Postmark..

(2)  Non Standard 27mm dial similiar to a Type 2.

(3) 29mm Dial that appears to be Type 3 but is Type 2.


                                                                                                                  Georgia Doane Footnotes


(1) LKU of 19 Mar 1908 is a composite device with a replacement dial.


                                                    Idaho Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a Doane Mimic.

Massachusetts Doane Foootnotes

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(1) Spelling error.

Mississippi Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a Doane Mimic.

                                                    North Carolina Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a composite of the Type One Killer Bars with a Replaced Dial.

North Dakota Doane Footnotes


(1) This is a composite cancel of a 4-bar dial and Type 2 doane killer bars.

                                                Pennsylvania Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a Doane Mimic.


                                                 South Carolina Doane Footnotes

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(1) This is a Doane Mimic. 


Tennessee Doane Footnotes

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(1) This doane has a replaced dial as of 15 Aug 1908


Virginia Doane Footnotes


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(1) This device is a composite of a Type a 4-bar Dial and the Type 2 Doane Killer Bars from this office.