Doane Cancels

    Doane Cancels were the Post Office Departments first attempt to improve postmark legibility by issuing rubber handstamps. The name honors Edith R. Doane a Postal Historian who became interested in these early 20th Century Handstamps in the 1950's. She published her first research findings in 1978.

    The first 500 Type 1 experimental Doanes were issued in the first half of 1903. They were very successful and led to the permanent adoption ot this type of postmarking supplies for the smaller 4th class post offices, including the possessions. Most of these were issued to Post Offices where the reciepts did not exceed $500 in a year. They were issued to both new and existing Post Offices requesting new supplies. Some were issued to larger 2nd and 3rd class Post Offices when requested by their Postmasters.

    Type 1 Doane Cancels have 5 bars with a number in them. They were issued from Aug. 28, 1903 to Sep. 28, 1903 for just one month. Approximately 1600 Type 1 Doane Handstamps were issued including the 500 Experimental Post offices.

    Type 2 Doane Cancels have 2 sets of railroad track type bars with a number in them. They were issued from Sep. 29, 1903 until Jun. 30, 1905. Approximately 17,500 Type 2 Doane Handstamps were issued.

    Type 3 Doane Cancels have 4 solid bars like a standard 4-bar handstamp cancel with a number in them. Sometimes they are very hard to see because of the green colored stamps of the period. They were issued from Jul. 1, 1905 until the fall of 1906. Approximately 12,000 Type 3 Doane handstamps were issued.

Shown below are the 3 Types of Doanes


                                                                                              Type 1 Doane                         Type 2 Doane                       Type 3 Doane

    The number in the bars of all 3 types refers to Postmaster compensation in the previous fiscal year. A "1" in the bars meant the Postmaster compensation for the year was less than $100, a "2" in the bars meant Postmaster compensation was between $100 and $200 for the year and for each additional $100 increment the number was increased by 1. The highest number seen by me so far is a Type 3 Doane with the number "22" used by Naperville, Ill.

    Some of these devices became worn or damaged with use and improper handling. Some of them became so distorted, dirty or had the killer bars replaced that it is sometimes hard to tell if they are doanes. Most were used for anywhere from 1-10 years. A few Postmasters took very good care of their cancelling devices and you can find them being used in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's.

An * by any Post Office name on a Doane list means that by the date of establishment of this office that it should have had a Doane issued to it. The Type and Number predicted are in parentheses. These are only predictions based on this information and no Doanes have been recorded from these Post Offices.

Any post office that has an NS in the Type column is a Doane Mimic. I am going to try and do this throughout the lists where there is not a doane footnote to confirm this.

Some States now have the Counties listed also. All States will have the Counties added as time permits. A number of the lists now have footnotes. You can view these footnotes by clicking on the footnote number.

All The States Now Have Doane Lists available on this website. If you have Doane changes to a particular State contact the Coordinator listed after that State. There is a listing of Coordinators of all States with both Email addresses if one is available and their snail mail address. Send any changes that you have for a particular State to the proper Coordinator either by email or regular mail. All doane changes sent by email will now have a copy of the changes sent to Gary Anderson if you use the links on this site. This is to save the time of forwarding them. It will be automatically done for you now. All coordinators would like photocopies or scans of any new doanes that you have for their listings. Some of the coordinators would like scans or photocopies of any changes to their lists. Please check with each individual coordinator that you report to and see what they would like. 

Each Doane List will now have at the end of the list when the Doane List was last updated. At the beginning the lists there will now be a count of how many doanes are listed from that state which includes predicted Doanes.

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Alabama Doane List  -  Tom Turner Coordinator  Email Tom

Alaska Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator Email Gary

Arizona Doane List  -  Patrick Spencer Coordinator   Email Patrick

Arkansas Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator   Email Gary

California Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Colorado Doane List  -  Charles Boubelik Coordinator - Email Gary

Connecticut Doane List  -  Ralph Edson Coordinator  Email Gary 

Delaware Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator - Email Gary

Florida Doane List  - Deane R. Briggs Coordinator  Email Deane

Georgia Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Hawaii and Possesions Doane List  - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Idaho Doane List  -  Mark Metkin Coordinator Email Mark 

Illinois Doane List  - Jim Mehrer Coordinator  Email Jim

Indian Territory Doane List  -  Joe Crosby Coordinator  Email Joe

Indiana Doane List  -  Dick Laird Coordinator  Email Dick

Iowa Doane List  -  Dr. James Williamson Coordinator  Email Gary

Kansas Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary 

Kentucky Doane List - Wayne Farley Coordinator  Email Wayne

Louisiana Doane List  -  Matt Dakin Coordinator  Email Matt

Maine Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary 

Maryland Doane List  -  Gordon Katz Coordinator  Email Gordon

Massachusetts Doane List - Barton Kamp Coordinator  Email Bart

Michigan Doane List  -  David Ellis Coordinator  Email Gary 

Minnesota Doane List   - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Mississippi Doane List  -  Matt Dakin Coordinator  Email Matt

Missouri Doane List  -  Bob Schultz Coordinator  Email Bob

Montana Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator Email Gary

Nebraska Doane List - Jim Mehrer Coordinator - Email Jim

Nevada Doane List  -  Ted Gruber Coordinator  Email Ted

New Hampshire Doane List - Russ White Coordinator - Email Russ

New Jersey Doane List  -  Arne Englund Coordinator  Email Arne

New Mexico Doane List - Dr. Thomas K. Todsen Coordinator  Email Gary

New York Doane List - Maris Tirums Coordinator - Email Maris

North Carolina Doane List  -  Tony Crumbley Coordinator  Email Tony

North Dakota Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator Email Gary

Ohio Doane List  -  Jim Faber Coordinator   Email Jim

Oklahoma Doane List -  Joe Crosby Coordinator  -Email Joe

Oregon Doane List  -  Bill Beith Coordinator   Email Bill

Pennsylvania Doane List  - Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Rhode Island Doane List - Jerry Gorman Coordinator  Email Jerry

South Carolina Doane List - Dick Laird Coordinator  Email Dick

South Dakota Doane List  -  Ken Stach Coordinator   Email Ken

Tennessee Doane List  -  Paul Phillips Coordinator  Email Paul

Texas Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Utah Doane List  -  Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Vermont Doane List  -  Bill Lizotte Coordinator  Email Gary 

Virginia Doane List  -  Larry McBride Coordinator   Email Larry

Washington Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator Email Gary

Washington DC Doane List - Gary Anderson Coordinator Email Gary

West Virginia Doane List  Wayne Farley Coordinator Email Wayne

Wisconsin Doane List   -  Gary Anderson Coordinator  Email Gary

Wyoming Doane List  -  Charles Boubelik Coordinator  Email Gary

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